Nosh Restaurant Benidorm

Nosh Restaurant Benidorm

For those that have not heard of, visited or had the chance to dine at Nosh Restaurant Benidorm then this is without doubt the most amazing dining experience you need in your life. No matter where we are in the world, on holiday, our local town, lunch break at work we all have our favourites. But when someone asks what was the nicest meal you have ever had, for those that have eaten here you are ready to say, Nosh!

Nosh Benidorm restourant

Located in the Old Town part of Benidorm just of the main walking street, Nosh Restaurant Benidorm is a modern but intimate place. Pre booking is a must and from the second you walk through the door you are number one, you are more than just a holidaymaker out for a bite to eat but for this experience you are treated like king and queen. What stands out from everything else brilliant here is the attention to detail, from table settings, your hosts knowledge of not just the menu but ingredients and the locality of them. If you are here as a celebration your table will be set likewise.

The menu at Nosh Restaurant Benidorm is mouthwatering, and for added excellence the specials menu is sublime. Mackerel pate, sea bream and lamb, lime and courgette soup, duck and satay pork medallions are just a few of the dishes, and not only made on site, sourced locally, presented like art but the tastes and flavours are nothing short of a miracle. I like food as much as the next person but Nosh delivers here, even after eating and finding I had actually had the greatest meal of my life I had to dig deeper, I could not find one review on TripAdvisor or anyone on social media that said anything other than ‘perfect’ ‘amazing’ ‘best ever’ I mean the place has ZERO negative reviews and for any food establishment that is unheard of!

Nosh Restaurant Benidorm

I know fine dining is not for everyone, I am one of those people. Give me an all you can eat buffet for a fiver and show me the deserts and i’m happy but when I was told about Nosh Restaurant Benidorm it became my nemesis. I mean I had to wear shoes and find clothes that I would not normally wear, it’s Benidorm after all, a pair of shorts and vest top do me but that investment in a pair shoes is a wise one. Take away the fancy food names, the ambient setting, the upmarket vibe and just taste the food, once that has been achieved there is no turning back. Once you have had a Nosh in Benidorm you will not want one anywhere else!


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