We love Benidorm and hope you would enjoy our website and visit this popular holiday destination in Spain.

Benidorm is without doubt a much loved holiday resort. Way back in 2010 prior to our first holiday here, there was not a lot of information around on Benidorm.

Year after we would spend more time in Benidorm, going for a week here and there, then a fortnight, to doing month long visits.

After a few years, now armed with the need to know information about the bars, hotels, places to eat and acts, we decided to set up the Benidorm Travel Guide Facebook page.

One thing we learnt here is that there was many people, new and returning visitors who wanted to know more about the latest shows, the newest bars and the best hotels.

From here we set up the website, covering every aspect of Benidorm and the surrounding areas.

This was made even better after we decided to take the plunge and move permanently here, and never looked back.

Now BenidormHolidays.Cheap is full of information, attractions, bars, restaurants and much more!

We hope our site helps you plan your Benidorm holiday with ease, and for those who come year after year, help you find new and exciting bars and acts to enjoy!

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