How and Where to Get The Alicante to Benidorm Tram

Have you ever considered the Alicante to Benidorm Tram over the traditional coach transfers?

One thing for sure is that the tram to Benidorm from Alicante is very picturesque along the coast.

Where is the Alicante to Benidorm Tram Stop?

When you have collected all your luggage, when you head outside you need to get the C6 bus which goes to the Alicante tram stop โ€˜Mercadoโ€™.

Alicante to Benidorm Tram

Which Tram Do I Get to Benidorm From Alicante?

From the Mercado tram stop, the quickest tram to Benidorm from Alicante is the L9 service which is a limited stop service.

The journey takes around 70 minutes passing through La Isleta, La Vila Joiosa, Creueta and other interesting places along the way.

From the Benidorm tram station you can either walk in to Benidorm, catch a taxi or bus which are located outside the tram station.

How Long Does it Take to Benidorm on the Tram From Alicante?

The journey itself takes approx 70 minutes. The first tram to Benidorm from Alicante leaves at 05.44 with the last leaving at 21.44pm.

Trams leave Alicante every 30 minutes and for those heading further up the coast you can change at Benidorm.

A return ticket will cost around 6 Euros which value wise is pretty good.

Although getting to Benidorm is easier say with Beniconnect or another transfer service, if you donโ€™t mind the extra travelling it is a good experience.


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