Benidorm Fiesta Dates 2018

Benidorm Fiesta Dates 2018

A visit to our favourite holiday destination would not be complete without checking the Benidorm fiesta dates. One thing Benidorm is not short of and that is Fiestas.

Held throughout the year, Benidorm fiestas are a great event to attend if you get chance.

Held all over Benidorm, from the Old Town to the New Town, it’s an exciting part of the calendar.

Benidorm fiesta dates include the famous Benidorm fancy dress party, Elvis fiestas and the traditional Moors and Christians Fiesta.

Below are all the Benidorm fiesta dates so you don’t miss any on you Benidorm holiday.

Benidorm Fiesta Dates

Benidorm Fiesta Dates


6th – The Three Kings Fiesta


10th – Benidorm Annual Carnival – Benidorm Carnival Information

13th – Burial of the Sardine Fiesta


5th – Virgen del Sufragio Fiesta

15th – 19th St Joseph Fallas Fiesta


20th – 22nd – Benidorm Elvis Festival – Elvis in Benidorm Information


3rd – Holy Cross Fiesta


22nd – 24th – Hogueras de san Juan Fiesta


6th – 7th – San Fermin Fiesta

16th – Virgen Carmen Fiesta

25th – St Jamie Fiesta

Benidorm Fiesta Dates



3rd – 9th September – Benidorm Pride – Benidorm Pride Information

27th – 1st October – Moors and Christians Fiesta – Benidorm Moors & Christians Information


9th – Constitution Fiesta

12th – Fiesta Nacional de Espana


9th 14th – Patron Saints Fiestas

15th – Benidorm Fancy Dress Party – Fancy Dress Benidorm Information

16th – Carxofa Fiesta



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