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All inclusive Holidays to Benidorm in October

For many, October is the best time of the year to visit Benidorm. The weather is beautiful. You only have to worry about the odd, scanty showers. The sea is warm and the beaches will less crowd than the preceding two months.

The resorts offer an ideal environment for relaxation. Finding a table at a restaurant is far easier. The evening skies take on pleasant hues. And you have endless choice between the slow-paced offerings of the Old Town and the glitz that the Levante puts up after sundown.

october holidays benidorm

The gentle warmth of an October sun, with a maximum temperature of 25 degrees will give you the healthy tan that you’ve always wanted.
Towards the last ten days of October, things begin to quieten down a bit and the evenings may get a little cooler. The resort still retains its vibrancy. You may choose apartments over hotels if you plan on an extended stay of a week or more. Stag and hen parties’ lovers will enjoy Benidorm in October. Book your tickets to Alicante early for the best deals. Or, you may want to take the last minute Benidorm October holiday route. Either way, you can save with fantastic deals.

If you wish to still enjoy the pulse of a charged-up Benidorm, then visit in the first fortnight of October. Things will begin to peter down after that. The latter part of October is great if you wish to just unwind with a drink after a day of shopping and traipsing through the town.

However, even when things begin to cool off in Benidorm, the town will put on a show on weekends. Saturdays and Sundays are when people arrive here for a throbbing good time, with great food, cheap drinks, cabarets, and themed shows.

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All Inclusive Holiday Deals in October

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