Benidorm Outdoor Market | Location and Days Held

If you like to barter then get yourself down to Benidorm outdoor market. Row after row with designer goods, fresh fruit and Benidorm holiday souvenirs.

Ok so everything might not be designer but it’s still fun haggling for the best price on a Gucci handbag.

From one end of Benidorm outdoor market to the other you will need a few hours to get around all the stalls.

With cafes and drink sellers midway it gives you a chance to rest those legs wandering around this huge market.

Location of the Benidorm Outdoor Market

The easiest way to find the Benidorm outdoor market is head towards Jokers bar or the Pueblo Hotel.

Stand with your back towards the main promenade and you can’t miss the outdoor market.

Benidorm Outdoor Market

For a landmark stand outside the Red Lion Sports Bar and walk away from the promenade and again you cannot miss it.

Normally there are masses of holidaymakers walking in that direction and following the crowd normally works.

When is Benidorm Outdoor Market on?

Wednesday and Sundays are the days to catch the outdoor market. Kick off time is around 8am for the early risers and 2pm for the final whistle.

What Can I Buy on Benidorm Outdoor Market?

Anything from not so designer goods, but very good copies. Handbags, trainers, sunglasses and everything you would expect from a market.

Traditional Spanish leather goods are a must. Shoes, wallets and belts are all hand made and make great gifts.

Magnets, postcards and Benidorm keepsakes are all available on the outdoor market.

Fresh fruit is very cheap and ideal to snack on whilst having a wander around.

Benidorm Outdoor Market

Tips for Benidorm Outdoor Market

As with any busy tourist hot spot beware of pickpockets. Only carry what you need to and keep money in a safe place.

It is a very big market and if you have young children keep an extra eye on them. The rows between stalls are not the widest and the market gets very busy.

There are a few bars and places to grab a bite to eat around the Benidorm outdoor market.

In the high season a break half way round is recommended as it does get very hot on the market.

Getting to And From Benidorm Market

The main buses run on the Rincon and the Mediterraneo. From the Rincon if you get off at KFC near the indoor market.

Where the medical centre is walk down that road and the market is just there.

Coming from the Mediterraneo, if you are heading towards the Old Town, jump off at the Don Pancho. Take the first right, directly at the top of the road is the market.

If you are walking it may be worth getting a taxi back in the high season. It’s a long walk around in very hot conditions and for the cost of a few Euros a taxi is a welcome break from walking.

Benidorm Outdoor Market


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