Benidorm Suntrap Bars

Benidorm Suntrap Bars

We all come to Benidorm for different reasons, to relax, worship the sun, the awesome nightlife and at some point we find ourselves sat on the terrace of a bar, sun blazing down, people watching and not a care in the world as we soak it all in. There are plenty of bars in Benidorm, hundreds in fact and we take a look at some of the best Benidorm suntrap bars.

Benidorm Suntrap Bars

Andy’s Bar

I think that Andy’s bar is probably the most well known, not only for it’s location on the crossroad on the strip but that it’s always packed out. Sat on the corner you get the sun blazing down on you for most of the day and good prices on the drinks so you could easily spend a few hours here topping up the tan watching the world go by.

Jumping Jacks

I do enjoy an afternoon at Jumping Jacks. Plenty of seating across the front and a shaded area to the side, sprinklers to keep you cool and food available if you get peckish. Another place with an awesome sun terrace and live music regularly played throughout the day in the summer months. With being so open Jumping Jacks does get busy and attracts larger groups which can be entertaining as they pile down the shots and, how do we say this, get a bit merry!

Benidorm Suntrap Bars

Silver Dollar Pub

Although a sports bar I think most of come here for the cheap ale and the sun terrace at the front. Located just down the road from the Sol Pelicanos hotel towards the indoor market the Silver Dollar bar is a great suntrap. With having the market and shops in the area it’s a perfect place to do a spot of people watching but don’t forget that sun cream as when that sun comes on you, you burn!

Benidorm Suntrap Bars

The Secret Fountain

A proper roof top bar set at the side of the Marina Hotel on the strip. The Secret Fountain is well known for it’s cocktails and chilled out atmosphere you will find yourself switching between the sun loungers and showers to keep cool as when that sun is out, it’s blazing up here!

Tiki Beach Bar

Tiki Beach bar is a hub of activity from early morning to the late afternoon. Located on the Levante beach front it’s as close as you could probably get to a sun trap. Very popular with large groups of all ages it is the go to place when looking for a fun filled afternoon with an awesome suntrap in Benidorm.


There are a ton of other awesome Benidorm suntrap bars to spend an afternoon at, Uncle Peds, Wooky Hollow 2, Planet Benidorm and Buddies to name a few, remember to be responsible when drinking in the heat and slap on that sun cream!



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