Benidorm Weather October 2019 – Temperatures in October

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October 2018 weather conditions and temperatures in Benidorm, Spain

When you consider the fact that the weather in October is perhaps the best it can be and the beaches are less crowded, then you have a combination that cannot be beaten. An average temperature of 20°C, a high of 23°C, and a low of 14°C are perfect weather conditions for days of sunning, tanning, swimming, water sports, sightseeing, and whatever else that you plan on doing on a Benidorm vacation. Perhaps, the best part of a Benidorm holiday in October is that you can snag some really cheap flights to the place. Eight hours of sunshine give you a chance to stock up on all the Vitamin D that you want for the winter months. Sweet breezes, tangy sea air, great cuisine, and wonderful company all come together on an October holiday in Benidorm. Lovely weather and October in Benidorm are synonyms. You can use them interchangeably. A light coat or jumper will see you through the evenings. A light shower may just come your way, but it only adds to the pleasantness of the entire experience.

Weather in Benidorm in October – Temperatures 2019


Benidorm Weather In October by the-benidorm-travel-guide


Benidorm Holidays October 2019

Flights to Benidorm from the United Kingdom are always in demand because of this resort town’s popularity with sun worshippers and clubbers. Hills behind Benidorm and the small island of Tabarca, which is a ferry ride away are cool places to explore for days when you want to step away from the magical beaches of Benidorm. Cheap holidays in 2018 can totally be yours if you choose Benidorm as the destination. Its easily within reach from the U.K and has everything to offer, regardless of whether you choose a two-day holiday or a longer stay. The weather here beats the winter cold of England, and if you want a milder climate for the colder months, head to Benidorm.


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