Corky’s Penny Farthing Benidorm (New Town)

Like home cooked food? Corky’s Penny Farthing Benidorm is easily one of the best places that just does that.

Well known for its fish n chips, Corky’s Penny Farthing is up there with the best places to eat without a doubt.

Just minutes from the Helios Hotel, on the side street from the Benidorm Outdoor Market, Corky’s Penny farthing is family friendly, caters for vegetarians and has plenty of seating.

Corky’s Penny Farthing Benidorm

Outside Corky’s Penny Farthing there is a very good sized terrace which gets a lot of sun. Ideal for a few drinks when your having a wander or just want to eat a meal in the sun.

The menu at Corky’s Penny Farthing is very traditional. Sausage and mash, pies, Sunday dinners, fry ups and hunters chicken are all served on the menu here.

Being so close to the Benidorm Outdoor Market, market days are extremely busy.

We do recommend that if you are planning a trip to Corky’s Penny Farthing on market days, later in the day is less busier than the morning rush.

Corky’s Penny Farthing Benidorm Opening Hours

  • Monday: 08.30am – 21.00pm
  • Tuesday: 08.30am – 21.00pm
  • Wednesday: 08.30am – 21.00pm
  • Thursday: 08.30am – 21.00pm
  • Friday: 08.30am – 21.00pm
  • Saturday: 08.30am – 21.00pm
  • Sunday: 08.30am – 21.00pm

Corky’s Penny Farthing Benidorm Address

  • Calle Derramador
  • 03581 Benidorm
  • Spain


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