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If you are an event planner, then you have a big responsibility on your shoulders.

The event you are organizing should go smoothly without any hurdle. In order to avoid the inconvenience, you should keep a few things in the box.

This article is about the seven must-haves every event planner should bring to the event set.

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1. The extension cords:

Extension cords are used for every event, so, it is one the must have things that every event planner should have.

It will help you in overcoming the problem of charging your electronic gadgets and other stuff that needs to get connected with the socket.

Having your own extension cord will solve this big problem.

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2. A kit of backup items:

A small box of all the necessary items is a very important thing. This box should have tapes, glue, scissors, pins and the like.

These items will be the lifesaver in your hard time.

3. A toolbox:

Mishaps do happen. But instead of playing the blame game then you should have a backup plan.

Keep a mini toolbox with you all the time will help you out in your difficult time.

If something is broken, you can fix it on your own. The box should have a hammer, screwdriver and other such tools.

4. An extra dress and pair of shoes:

Keep an extra pair of shoes a dress for the safe side. You should be over-prepared for everything beforehand.

A pair of shoes and a nice dress would not hurt you but will for sure help you in your tough time.

5. Extra flash drives:

Just to avoid the disaster keep a spare flash drive with you.

Keep a copy of everything that you have planned for an event in the flash so that you don’t face any difficulty if your flash gets corrupted or stops working.

6. Keep some cash money:

Do keep some cash in your wallet for the use. You can not just rush towards the bank for money during the event, so keeping some cash would be a wise decision.

7. Bluetooth speakers:

This is undoubtedly one of the advantages of Bluetooth speakers that you don’t have to struggle with cables when you use this type of wireless speakers.

They get easily connected to the device of your choice without any complications of plugging or unplugging.

They are portable, and a must have a thing that every event planner have in order to organize a smooth event.

A good event planner takes care of every little thing and makes sure that the event happens smoothly.
Mishaps occur, but there should be a backup plan to avoid the problems.
That is why we came up with the list of few things that are must-have for an event planner.
We hope that you guys would like the list we provided here in this article.

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