L’Aiguera Park Benidorm | Benidorm Old Town

The L’Aiguera Park Benidorm is a lengthy green open area in neoclassical design, separating the Benidorm Old Town by the more recent buildings.

The 2 amphitheatres are utilized for displays and cultural events particularly during summer time.

The Park ends in the Bullring and an area where attractions are put up for its numerous Benidorm Fiestas.

L'Aiguera Park Benidorm

The Aigüera park reaches up to the Bullring that boasts a little bullfighting museum and houses the installments of the Municipal Music Conservatory.

Where the Aigüera Park reaches the edge of the  Benidorm Old Town, there stands the modern City Hall.

A bridging construction that has won several awards, even a”groundscraper”, compared to the tall buildings and, by the Plaza de los Reyes España, creates an entry portico into the iconic park made by Bofill.

Virtually the whole body of this construction is cantilevered and onto its own glass panels are the titles of the over sixty million people listed in the census at the time of its structure.

L’Aigüera Park Benidorm is also a popular entertainment place.

It has two amphitheatres that sponsor a number of festivals, live theatres and performances in the summertime.

The Benidorm festival of music in June/mid-August is among the most well-known events happening at L’Aigüera Park Benidorm.

With so many built up areas here it’s nice to find a space like L’Aigüera Park Benidorm.

It’s family friendly, has a kids play area and plenty of grass areas to have a picnic and escape the hustle and bustle of the Benidorm New Town.


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