Levante Beach Benidorm (Playa de Levante)

Levante Beach Benidorm is one of the most stunning beaches you will find in Spain. Golden sands and warm Mediterranean Sea to bask and enjoy the sunshine. At just over a mile long, Levante Beach is a place you can visit in Benidorm and leave the world behind.

Playa de Levante, as itโ€™s also known by, is well looked after by the local council. At night you can see them clean this stunning beach, getting it back to pristine condition ready for holidaymakers to arrive in the morning.

Levante Beach Benidorm

Sunbeds and parasols can be hired on Levante Beach for around 5-6 Euros for the day. On the ramps leading on to Levante Beach you will also find feet washing terminals.

Parts of the beach leading into the Mediterranean Sea are rocky so if you are popping in for a dip mind you footing.

There are many bars and shops located along Levante Beach promenade for refreshments.

You may come across vendors on Levante Beach selling drinks, please avoid these at all costs. Not only are they illegal traders but they use the local toilets to chop up the fruit.

If you enjoy a bit of watersports, Benidorm Ski is located at Levante Beach. You can sit back and watch those trying the ski or have a try yourself!

Levante Beach Benidorm is very family friendly and as you walk along the promenade you will see mini parks for the kids.

It does get hot here in the summer months so be sure to carry a bottle of sun protection.

Winner of multiple awards, Levante beach is a credit to Benidorm. Itโ€™s the ideal place to come and relax, take the sights in and even enjoy a beautiful sunrise.

During the summer months Levante Beach is very busy, for those that want to spend the day here and want to be close to the sea itโ€™s worth getting there early as you will see, the front get taken over very quickly.


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