Lucky Rock Bar Benidorm | Nightlife | Casino

After a recent refurbishment the Lucky Rock Bar Benidorm is a real eye catcher on the Benidorm strip.

With new signs and lightning to the front itโ€™s hard to walk past and not notice the Lucky Rock Bar.

Outside the Lucky Rock Bar Benidorm you have a great terrace. Plenty of seating and tables complete with an outdoor drinks serving area.

A huge widescreen TV is set in a good position so you can enjoy live sports in the sun.

Lucky Rock Bar Benidorm

Inside the Lucky Rock Bar is a tale of two stories. A well stocked bar with a good range of bottled beers, draft on the pumps and both branded and local spirits are all available.

Drink prices at the Lucky Rock Bar are about average for this part of Benidorm.

Nightlife at the Lucky Rock Bar Benidorm

As the evening sets in, Lucky Rock Bar is host to some great DJโ€™s. With a good sized dance floor and plenty of room you have a great atmosphere and music to match.

It does get busy in the Lucky Rock Bar and quite warm in the high season so grab a few seats outside early so you can cool down after a night dancing.

Gambling at the Lucky Rock Bar Benidorm

As you walk inside the Lucky Rock Bar, past the bar, you will find yourself in a mini casino.

Roulette, poker, slot machines and a ton of other casino games can be found here.

If you are here to play specifically for the casino, you may even get a few free complimentary drinks.

Also at Lucky Rock Bar Benidorm you can also put on your sports bets. Horse racing, football, rugby and all the sports you would find back in the UK.

These bets are made through the betting terminals which are available in English.

Remember though gambling is addictive, being on holiday we let our guard down and donโ€™t risk losing the holiday spending money.


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