St Jamie Church, Benidorm Old Town

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St Jamie Church, Benidorm Old Town

San Jamie Church – For years I walked past this stunning place and never went inside, I think half of me was scared, you know “god’s watching me” and all that stuff and it is Benidorm and probably subconsciously I thought I would burst in to flames for my sins in Cafe Benidorm, another part of me like any normal person just didn’t know I could stroll in. Well one day I strolled in and two good things happened that day, I seen the beauty of St Jamie Church first hand, and the other, I didn’t burst in to flames for my sins!


San Jamie Church

St Jamie church ( San Jamie Church ) is located in the Old Town part of Benidorm and for those who have not found this gem of a place just head to the Old Town and as it’s like a maze to the newbie around here just stop someone in the street or pop in to one of the many bars, everyone is friendly here and more than welcoming that you are visiting this part of town and more than happy to help. I must stress that this is an active church and is also a hub of activity when there is fiestas being held and is a great time to see the church in it’s full vibrant flow.

I was lucky enough to have my camera with when I visited the St Jamie church and gives you a feel of the place and you can see how stunning it is. There are many places to see in Benidorm and for those looking for a break from the fast pace of the new town a trip to the old town is highly recommended. Now before anyone starts hating on me for calling the church ‘St Jamie’ I must stress that different nationalities refer it to their native language and I will add that the church is also known as Church San Jamie ( the most known name ) ;¬†Iglesia de San Jaime y Santa Ana ( official name );¬†Plaza de San Jaime; Church of St James;

Church of San Jaime, Benidorm by the-benidorm-travel-guide

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