The Benidorm Camera Shop Scam

One of the oldest Benidorm scams is the Benidorm camera shop scam. For legal reasons we can’t name and shame these camera shops, the slander laws in Spain are brutal and unfortunately scammers like these hide behind them.

As you walk down the Mediterraneo, the long main road just a row back from Levante Beach, you will see certain electrical shops. These normally have display cases with a mic of cameras, phones and other electrical goods.

Benidorm Camera Shop Scam

Now we live in an age where we like to take to photos, post them on social media and show everyone that we are having a great time. Your on holiday and you stroll past one of these electrical shops and see a great deal.

This is the hook, to get you in the shop. Once in you will met by the super friendly salesman.

So friendly you feel the deal he is doing for you warrants an invite to Cafe Benidorm for a drink and a dance.

Now it’s time to get the deal done. Not at the till, take a seat in his little office at the back of the camera shop.

This isn’t strange, remember he’s so friendly and you are like best pals now.

As this great salesman tells you how good of a deal you have you will be shown a newer model. Now this is the one you want.

Well you don’t but you do. Like to a point where you say you are happy with what you have, but this is falling on deaf ears.

Now enters his boss, stop wasting his time, you are buying this more expensive one, you need this, the one you chose is rubbish, buy it.

Now with two of them putting pressure on you a third salesman enters.

Kinda feels intimidating in this small office now doesn’t it? So you sit there, pressure is turned up a notch, insults are flying your way and what do you do just to escape, buy the goddamn thing.

This is an old school pressure scam and those who carry out the Benidorm camera shop scam have got it down to an art. The easiest way to avoid this is avoid these shops completely.

If you are genuinely interested in buying one product, go away and think about do you really need now, if you return just bring the exact amount of money.  

Most of all remember these are con men, they don’t like attention. If you stand your ground and raise your voice they will back down. They don’t want any incidents in the camera shop to draw attention to themselves.


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