Weather in Benidorm in May 2018 – May Temperatures

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May 2018 weather conditions of Benidorm, Spain:

High Temp: 23 °C

Low Temp: 16 °C

Mean Temp: 19 °C

Want o spend your holiday in Benidorm? Then this is the ideal time for planning your holidays. There is no heat and humidity during this period of time. You also get plenty of sunshine in a whole day, approximately fourteen to fifteen hours of bright sun shining for you to take the tour of the wonderful place. The weather would be appropriate to spent with your family.

weather in benidorm in may

Though there are some days where you can expect some rainfall but that should not be a hindrance to your holiday. The temperature during the day remains around 22 degree centigrade and it is generally warm during this time. The night temperature would be between 12 degree and 14 degree and will generally be cool. Do not forget to take a plunge in the sea where you might get a chill feeling.

In a brief, getting the sun from 7 in the morning till 9 in the evening, enjoy every bit of your holiday with your family and go around the city to enjoy and see the beautiful city of Spain.

Weather in Benidorm in May – 2018 Temperature

Benidorm Weather In May by the-benidorm-travel-guide

Benidorm Holidays in May 2018

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