Benidorm Old Town

Benidorm Old Town

When we think of Benidorm we normally think cheap beer, fry up’s and lobster tan’s but right on the doorstep is the Old Town and for those who have not wandered around these thin alleyway streets listening to the Spanish talk away with the aromas from the local Tapas bars this really is a must visit place, it is a world away from the ‘New Town’ and spending an afternoon getting lost in the maze like Old Town is something we all should try at least once, with an array of tapas bars, street front cafes for those who like to people watch, rich in culture and history and the hub for the Spanish fiestas no trip to Benidorm is complete without a visit to the Benidorm Old Town.

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Church of St Jamie, Benidorm Old Town

Most of us have walked past here but never ventured inside, I have to admit it took me 6 years before I had a wander inside and I was not disappointed at all, with a little craft stall inside and stunning decor you may find yourself sat on a pew taking it all in and forgetting you was in Benidorm, Benidorm Old Town has a lot to offer and the church is a stunning piece of history and culture and if you find yourself in Benidorm Old Town makes sure you have a pop inside.

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Placa del Castell, Benidorm 2016 by the-benidorm-travel-guide

Placa del Castell, Benidorm Old Town

Quite easily one of the most iconic places in Benidorm, with stunning views over Benidorms beaches you get to see really how big of a place Benidorm is, located in between the Levante beach and Poniente beach with some bars up here to sit back and relax and people watch you will never get bored of the views, the Placa del Castell is one of Benidorm Old Towns most iconic landmark steeped in history and has been featured in the ITV hit series Benidorm and more recently a major Bollywood movie.

Balcon del Mediterraneo, Benidorm Old Town

Sat at the edge of the Placa del Castell the Balcon del Mediterraneo reaches out into the sea offering awesome views over Benidorm and a great place for photo’s, in the daytime it looks stunning but would recommend popping down in the evening for some stunning views over Benidorm, another must see place in Benidorm Old Town.

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Cala de Mal Pas Beach, Benidorm 2016 by the-benidorm-travel-guide

Cala Mal Pas Beach, Benidorm Old Town

No trip to Benidorm Old Town is complete without a day at this hidden gem of a beach, Cala Mal Pas beach is located in between the Levante and Poniente beach at the base of the Placa del Castell, only small in size it really is a welcome getaway from the main beaches, sat in a cove this mini paradise is the ideal way to just let the world go by whilst you soak up the sun.

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