Benidorm Markets

Benidorm Markets

Benidorm Outdoor Market

Benidorm outdoor market is held on a Wednesday and a Sunday from early morning till mid afternoon, with over 1500 stalls there is plenty to see and a wide range of goods from your traditional holiday keepsakes, clothing, gadgets, fresh local fruit and much more, Benidorm outdoor market is a very large market so would advise on a hot day to make sure you have sun cream and plenty of water as is also very busy and takes a few hours to get round the market, Benidorm outdoor market is located just behind the Pueblo hotel and is easy enough to find as you will see the hoards of holiday makers making a beeline in the same direction, if your hotel is some distance away you may want to think about a taxi back as it is a long walk around and does get very hot in the summer months.

Benidorm Outdoor Market by the-benidorm-travel-guide

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Benidorm Indoor Market

Benidorm indoor market has a range of stalls from holiday gifts, money exchange, tapas bars, apartment rentals, phone shops and everything you would expect from an indoor market, Benidorm indoor market is located on the edge of the Rincon area and is on the same road as the Sol Pelicanos Hotel.

El Cisne Flee Market, Benidorm

El Cisne flee market is a true Spanish market, with live entertainment and flamenco shows, Paella served throughout the day and a rustic charm as you wander round the maze of stalls you can be sure to find some authentic Spain to bring back home from your holiday to Benidorm, getting to El Cisne flee market is via taxi or the number 2 bus heading away from the Benidorm Old Town and take the stop at Benisol camping, once departed from the bus it is about a 30 meter walk the same way the bus was going with the return bus on the opposite side of the road to the left.

EL Cisne Flee Market, Benidorm by the-benidorm-travel-guide

Benidorm Medieval Fiesta Street Markets by the-benidorm-travel-guide

Benidorm Old Town Medieval Fiesta Street Market

The Benidorm Old Town medieval fiesta street markets are held annually around May and stalls offer a range of hand made crafts, trinkets, keepsakes and things to remember you holiday to Benidorm, along with these traditional hand craft stalls are some amazing food stalls with food being cooked fresh on giant pits and is a must try for any foodie.

Benidorm Old Town Book Markets

Benidorm Old Town book market is a seasonal Benidorm market and although not the first place to think of going to when on you holiday to Benidorm it does has some quite interesting products available on the many stalls, when I was having a look most of the books were in Spanish ( we are in Spain!!! ) but there was some comic stalls with some old and retro comics and although in Spanish would make an ideal gift or an interesting talking piece when you arrive home from your holiday to Benidorm.

Benidorm Book Markets by the-benidorm-travel-guide

Benidorm Mini Market & Mini Xmas Fair by the-benidorm-travel-guide

Benidorm mini markets and Christmas fair

The Benidorm mini markets and Christmas fair is held December to January and a great time of the year to visit Benidorm, the markets offer traditional gifts and also hold a mini fair so if you are visiting Benidorm as a solo traveller, as a couple or with your family you will be sure to enjoy your time at the Benidorm mini markets and Christmas fair.