Your Guide to Benidorm New Town

The main hub for many holiday makers to the resort is Benidorm New Town.

A stretch of bars, places to eat, hotels and nightlife draws in millions of British tourists year after year.

One of the reasons Benidorm New Town is so popular as it has everything you need all in one place. Nightlife in Benidorm New Town is one of the main draws here.

Benidorm New Town

You can enjoy an afternoon karaoke session, watch the football in one of the sports bars, grab a Sunday dinner or sip cocktails in the Secret Fountain.

Those who love a bit of home cooking will not feel out of place in the New Town.

Everything from snacks in the Western Saloon, fry ups in the Yorkshire Pride to a evening meal at the Queen Vic keeps our stomachs at bay.

We are a nation of sports lovers and one thing you will always find is a sports bar.

A big screen TV in the outside area of the Red Lion Sports Bar, comfy seating in Planet Benidorm or pool side seats at the Marina’s mega TV.

You will not be short of places to go and watch a game.

Hotels can be found no problem in and around Benidorm New Town, in fact you have so much on offer picking the right hotel can take some serious time.

Family hotels like the Rio Park, the popular Ambassador for couples wanting to be close to everything right to a bit of luxury at the Torre d’ Oboe Benidorm caters for everyone.

Benidorm New Town

Nightlife is all part of the parcel in Benidorm. The New Town will keep you going to the early hours of the next day.

Any bar on the Benidorm Strip or side street is an ideal starting point to a night out in Benidorm, catch a show or comedy act then hit the Square for a bit of clubbing.

Benidorm is so popular as it attracts all age groups and you feel this in the bars and clubs in the New Town.

You can have one bar with a Bob Marley tribute on, another with Lionel Richie, Meat Loaf rocking another stage and the latest club music in another.

Various bars take things to the next level, a bit of Blue.

Not for everyone but following in the footsteps of the famous Sticky Vicky we have new and more extreme adult themed show now.

Once you have seen one of these shows you have seen them all I think. Maybe one to swerve if you are treating your mother to a weekend break.

Benidorm New Town

The New Town is a vast place, as you reach the edges you have the Old Town, a must visit part of Benidorm.

Outdoor market held twice a week for the shoppers in the family and an indoor market just as you reach the Rincon.

If you enjoy sun traps, cheap drinks, good food and an abundance of shows then Benidorm New Town is your next stop.

Year after year we see new bars, new shows and new places to eat keeping Benidorm fresh and bringing us back in the hoards.

Recommended Benidorm New Town Places to Eat

Yorkshire Pride

Wooky Hollow 2


Recommended Benidorm New Town Accommodation

Flash Hotel

Rio Park

Palm Court Apartments

Recommended Benidorm New Town Bars

Andy’s Bar

Planet Benidorm

Secret Fountain


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