Benidrom August Weather 2019 – Temperatures and Climate in August

Whatโ€™s the Benidorm weather in August like? HOT! As we get in to the hottest month of the year itโ€™s time to get the beach towel out and hit the beach or pool side.

Make no mistake the August weather in Benidorm is a scorcher, plenty of water and suncream is a must.

Benidorm Weather in August – What Temperatures Should I Expect?

Temperatures are in the high 30โ€™s and do peak in the low 40โ€™s. The air is warm, the sand is too hot to walk on and all you want to do is lay down and find some shade.

Lows in Benidorm throughout August can be around 21c, but these days are few and far between.

Benidorm Weather in August

Expect day after day of heat, rain is very rare with on average 1 day in August to be wet, but by no means does it cool down. Evenings it can be difficult to sleep and booking accommodation with air con is well advised.

Benidorm Weather in August – What Clothes Should I Bring?

Just like the weather in July, minimal is best, but with sun protection.

Swimwear is recommended throughout the day and light loose clothing in the evenings will be more comfy.

Benidorm Weather in August – Whatโ€™s Benidorm Like in August?

August is very busy and everything is up and running. We do recommend that of you are spending a day in one of Benidormโ€™s sun traps to add some water to the drinks list.

The evenings, although still very warm can be uncomfortable if you have been in the sun all drinking so a mid day sleep does help to keep you going.

The beach is as busy as ever and flip flops will be needed as the sand is just too hot to walk on.

Many shops will be closed throughout the day for siesta and this is normally the queue to recuperate ourselves.


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