Benidorm Holidays: Tiki Beach Benidorm

Is Tiki Beach Benidorm closing? After many years and numerous court battles, yesterday, 26th September, the Supreme Court finally made their decision.

Over the years Tiki Beach has has been the centre of attention with residents taking a stand over the noise and constant calls to the police over the behaviour of large groups fighting, urinating in public and aggressive nature of some of those who visit the bar.

Tiki Beach Benidorm Closing

After the numerous court cases, Tiki Beach as always appealed and carried on fighting to keep the bar open.

Now that the Supreme Court has made it’s decision, this CANNOT be appealed, Tiki Beach WILL be closed.

So what happens now? Well Tikki Beach will probably stay open until the authorities turn up themselves and shut it down.

Chances are that Tiki Beach will move to a different location on Levante Beach, even a swap of premises with one of the shops or restaurants on the beach front.

What we do know is, even though there is that small minority that spoil it for everyone else, Tiki Beach is a very popular bar, and a new location is already on the cards.

What happens now after this decision could set a chain reaction on other residents who are fed up with the noise and behaviour of the few that don’t know when to stop.

This could lead to other bars now facing the same court action, but it will also set out a guideline for bars, on how much they can get away with.


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