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BENIDORM AIRPORT?? The Closest Airport to Benidorm – Travel Tips

Benidorm Airport – Closest Airport to Benidorm

Flights to Benidorm: the Nearest Benidorm Airport

Nearest airport to Benidorm beaches.

Flights; Nearest airport to Benidorm.

Benidorm airport, or more correctly Alicante–Elche Airport (ACL), serves this resort town on the Costa Blanca. Alicante airport is situated 29 miles from Benidorm. Apart from Benidorm airport, you can also arrive at this destination from the Valencia airport, but it’s farther away from the beach town and conveyance will be an additional cost.

Closest Airport to Benidorm

There are regular flights from all the major carriers in the UK to Benidorm airport. From London, you’ll touch down at the airport in two and half hours. All round the year, you can book flights to Benidorm. From the airport to your hotel, you will not take more than 40 minutes by car. The road journey is pleasant and there are many car rentals that will give you a ride. Alternatively, your hotel may send a vehicle to pick you up. The public bus would be the cheapest option and also gives you a chance to absorb Spanish vibes immediately. Or, you could opt for a shuttle service, there are many companies(see Beniconnect Transfers) offering this service. The closest Airport to Benidorm is Alicante Airport which takes a less than an hour journey to the resort.

Closest Airport to Benidorm

The Closest Airport to Benidorm, Spain

The airport is a well-developed one and handles traffic like clockwork. It is a hub for low-cost airlines carrying tourists eager to set foot in Benidorm. When the tourist season is at its peak during the summer months, Benidorm airport handles chartered flights as well. It’s the time of the year when everyone wants a slice of Benidorm.

Not just Benidorm, but the entire Costa Brava is easily accessible from Benidorm airport, that’s the reason why people prefer it. This is one of the most active airports in Spain because it caters to traffic headed to all parts of Spain.

Alicante Airport to Benidorm

What is the closest airport to Benidorm? Alicante to Benidorm. The map.

Alicante Airport to Benidorm. The road map.

While you can reach Benidorm from many airports, the Alicante airport is your best bet because it gets you to your destination quickly and at the lowest cost.

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