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Things To Do In Benidorm When It Rains

Things To Do In Benidorm When It Rains

Things To Do In Benidorm When It Rains

Although for the most part we get good weather in Benidorm, throughout the year and around October we do get some rain. Finding things to do in Benidorm when it rains is not always what we plan for so we have some ideas just in case.

If you have checked the weather before you arrive and do feel you will get some rain it might be worth popping to one of the many street shops to grab an umbrella or a plastic rain mac so you are prepared.

In the event of heavy rainfall we do advise sticking close to your hotel as over the last few years it has got pretty bad and has even led to deaths and this is something we cannot stress enough, the rain comes from the mountains and can flood pretty quick so please bare that in mind!

things to do in Benidorm when it rains

  1. Take a walk on the beach with your new rain mac and umbrella.
  2. Visit the cinema, located just of the Rincon and English movies available.
  3. Have a boozy afternoon ( drink responsible!!! ).
  4. Hit the Benidorm casino.
  5. Have a ride on one of the many sightseeing tour bus’s.
  6. Go bowling at the Ozone bowling alley.
  7. Have an afternoon at one of the many karaoke bars.
  8. Visit the indoor market.
  9. Think how great you are booking a hotel and not being in a tent.
  10. Have a spa day.

11. Chill out in the hotel and read a book.

12. Accept it’s raining and brave the elements, go for a wander.

13. Make new friends at the hotel bar.

14. Chase the sun, jump on the tram to Alicante.

15. Go Tattoo Land and have a tattoo.

16. Hire a car and go exploring.

17. Take cover in an all you can eat buffet and have a large, lengthy meal.

18. Visit the St Jamie church in the Old Town.

19. Buy a pack of cards.

20. Visit other hotels.

21. Crawl back in bed and have a lie in.

22. Go to the Benidorm circus, fun for all ages and a great show.

23. Have a day trip to Valencia to see the holy grail.

24. Have a cocktail afternoon at Bikini Beach Bar.

25. Try and do the man v food at Jonny’s Diner.

26. Check the Benidorm weather to see when it’s going to stop raining!!!

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