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5 Free Things To Do In Benidorm – Cheap Holidays 2018

5 Free Things To Do In Benidorm

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5. Fiestas

I know, I know, if you go to a fiesta you would probably want a refreshment or 7 which costs money but the Fiestas are free for all to enjoy and the year long calendar is full of them, from medieval fiestas to burial of the sardine right to the big fancy dress party held in November there is always something going on at some point or another and if you catch one of the Benidorm fiestas it doesn’t cost a penny to join the crowds and take part as a spectator.

4. Sightseeing

Benidorm is littered with hidden gems from La Crux ( that big cross on top of the hill ) Dove Park in the Old Town, the Benidorm filming locations like the Pelicanos, spotting the actors who are in town filming, even when you walk off the beaten track there are some nice little spots in the streets beyond Poniente beach, with places like St Jamie church and the Placa del Castell in the Old Town even to having a look at the boats in the Benidorm Port as long as you have a good pair of soles on your feet this won’t cost a penny and makes it to the list of free things to do in Benidorm.


3. Window shopping

As much as we like to spend money sometimes it’s nice just to have a wander and look at the local products, from watching Adebowale on the outdoor market trying to flog Mr and Mrs Palmer from Telford a high quality not so legit Gucci handbag, a stroll through the Old Town having a nose’y at the local arts and craft shops or even tempt yourself to a mooch in a Spanish supermarket where they sell anything from baked beans to pig’s faces ( yes pig’s faces, I have tried one and was pretty interesting ) the abundance of shops and diversity of Benidorm can keep you occupied window shopping for many an hour and sometimes it’s nice just to get lost in thought milling around without a care in the world.

2. Have a park day

The Parque de l’Aigüera is a stunning place, also known as Julio Iglesias park it has a walkway from the Old Town right up to the bull ring with green area on both sides, there is a children’s play area for those with young kids to keep them occupied and bathrooms so you don’t have to worry about being too far from you’re hotel, Parque de l’Aigüera really is a  peaceful setting away from the fast pace of Benidorm, if you’re looking for some down time, a place to take the kids or just need some alone time after a hard night on the sambuca this place is worth adding to the free things to do in Benidorm.



1. Go to the beach

Benidorm has 3 stunning beaches, the Poniente, Levante and Cala de Mal Pas beach, nothing says holiday better than sunbathing and with great weather in those summer months it’s a perfect free thing to do in Benidorm, throughout the winter months you can always take a football down if you are on a family holiday to Benidorm and for those solo travellers or those on holiday as a couple it’s nice to take a refreshing stroll down the beach front and an obvious choice for something to do for free in Benidorm.

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