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November Weather in Benidorm | Festival Temperatures 2018!

Benidorm Weather November 2018 – Temperature in November

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November is a busy time in Benidorm. The festival week, fancy dress party and many other event happens in November. You would expect cooler nights but only one or two rainy days means lots of sunshine for holidaymakers. Day temperatures are around 20 centigrade  and night could be as cold as 10°C.  Not too bad for the Brits as most of the visitors came to the Benidorm in November to celebrate famous fiestas.

Beaches are also popular in this month with sea temperatures pleasant 19 °C which is not too cold to swim.

During November, get sure to experience a good weather in Benidorm, Spain. The temperature is sure to fall and the average temperature during this time of the year. Also, do ensure that you do carry some warm clothes. You would definitely require it during the evening and for the night time.

When it comes to experiencing sunshine, you would be able to notice it for around 8 hours, every day. The average number of rainy days during November is about 10. If you are here for your holidays, then you would be able to experience showers from time to time.

Definitely, The Algar Waterfalls is one of the best of places you can visit, irrespective of what the weather conditions are. You will be able to enjoy some of the best streams, natural pools and amazing, scenic waterfalls to plunge into. Undeniably, this is regarded as one of the most picturesque landscapes which are just about a few miles away from Benidorm. If need be, you can go ahead and explore this area which passes through the prominent River Algar. This is quite a famous excursion area and covers about 1.5km. You will be able to enjoy some great pools and natural dips here.

Weather in Benidorm – November 2018 Temperatures

Benidorm Weather In November by the-benidorm-travel-guide

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