Rock & Roll House, Benidorm

Rock & Roll House Benidorm

The first time I seen a live act in Benidorm was at the Rock & Roll House Benidorm, and it is a regular bar I now frequent and a place I take family and friends when they are on their holidays in Benidorm. There are many bars to pick and choose from in Benidorm and if you have not had an evening in the Rock & Roll House Benidorm then be sure to check this place out!


Rock & Roll Benidorm

Located in the Rincon part of Benidorm the Rock & Roll House has plenty of seating inside and a great outdoor area to cool down after doing a bit of dancing. What makes the Rock & Roll House Benidorm that keeps holidaymakers coming back year after year is the quality of live acts on every night. You can see top performers Cabeytu Brothers, Pablo Boom and Dean Ryan to name a few, and if you have seen any of these acts you know your in for a good night.

Rock & Roll House Benidorm

The Rock & Roll House Benidorm has an American theme to the place, a good size so you are not packed in like a tin of sardines and with a great bar selection you can easily spend the whole evening here. For finding out what acts are on during your stay in Benidorm give their Facebook page a like and if you are already in the resort they will be posted on the board outside. If you happen to be here in April the Rock & Roll House Benidorm host part of the Benidorm Elvis fiesta and having been to this awesome event it is highly recommeded.

Rock & Roll House Benidorm

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