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Beniconnect Transfers Review

Beniconnect Transfers Review – Alicante to Benidorm

Beniconnect Transfers Review – Alicante to Benidorm

Benidorm Airport Transfers – Alicante to Benidorm

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There are many ways to get from Alicante airport to Benidorm, transfer bus, taxi, lift from a mate, horseback, train or boat but for most of us we don’t want the hassle of relying on a mate turning up at 3am or using a railway network in a foreign country so a transfer is normally the way forward, I can only write on my personal experiences travelling to and from Benidorm and have used most forms of transport above apart from the horse and boat scenario and 9 times out of 10 I have used Beniconnect Transfers, I must also add I have not been paid for writing this or accepted any free airport runs, promotion, or incentives like free beer or an all you can buffet at the Mandarin Wok but I will leave that suggestion on the table.

Beniconnect Transfers

The first time I used a transfer to Benidorm was via a mainstream holiday company around 8-9 years ago, you know the one when you pay top whack for you accommodation and and are on autopilot when you pay around £22.00 for your transfer, after a few trips once I noticed the Beniconnect Transfer coaches at the airport I looked them up on the old tinternet and was stunned at the prices, it was around 5 Euros each way so I took the plunge and made the booking, it was all straightforward online and on my return to Benidorm it was time to let the coach see the tourist, as normal headed downstairs at Alicante airport and found the stall and was personally took to a minibus with 3 other people on, at first I was happy as I was booked for a coach and was on a minibus then I thought I would have to wait till the minibus would fill up but they set off straight away and was a lot quicker than a coach with less drop offs, the return was by coach but that did not bother me as it was home time.

Beniconnect Transfers

What I have found over the years that the majority of my transfers have been by minibus with Beniconnect Transfer even though I book the coach and price wise a lot cheaper than the mainstream holiday companies, I have used the Alsa bus service a few times when travelling back to the UK on emergencies and with less than the 24 hour notice needed for booking but are a good alternative, a bit dearer and bypass the main bus station but overall Beniconnect Transfer coaches are spotless, drivers are helpful and friendly, they have both UK and in country phone lines when you need to make any amendments or unsure of pick up times and are definitely value for money.

Have I ever had a bad experience with Beniconnect Transfers? After all, travelling up to 8 times a year to and from Benidorm there must of been one hiccup, well the closest I ever got was a very short notice booking I made and was waiting outside the Flamingo Oasis hotel, not on the road but up the driveway and after about 20 minutes I had to ring them up, I knew this was not normal, my call was answered quickly and it transpired that the transfer to pick me up was on a normal coach as they was that busy and had to use a 3rd party, straight away the dread set in of missing my flight but what they done was above and beyond the 7 Euros I had paid, they sent a taxi to the Flamingo Oasis hotel and drove me there and most know a taxi is upwards of 50-60 Euros, now that is customer service at it’s finest and making sure they get you from A to B and was very grateful for that, we all have our routine when we travel and more or less use the same hotels, airlines and transfer companies but I do recommend Beniconnect Transfers when going on your holidays to Benidorm.

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