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Best Benidorm Sites: Benidormist, Benidorm Seriously, Tripadvisor reviews

Benidorm Guides: BenidormSeriously, Tripadvisor, Round Town Travel, Benidormist

Benidorm Guides: BenidormSeriously, Tripadvisor, Round Town Travel, Benidormist

Benidorm Travel Guides and Reviews Review: Benidorm Seriously is an excellent resource for all the information that you need on Benidorm. The site is kept up-to-date and is current with the latest happenings. It is easy to navigate and categorized for easy search. Even a cursory perusal of can enhance your Benidorm experience and save you a fair deal of money. This site is stocked with usable information.
What’s On – Check out the latest events, timings, venue, and also get directions to the venue. Choose events from the drop-down “genre” menu. If you wish to take your children to an age-appropriate event, you will find listings here.

Reviews – Has both apartment reviews and hotel reviews. Read reviews of properties from all over Benidorm. Compare for amenities, service, and location.

Weather – Plan outings well in advance. Get reliable weather reports on this site. Find out if you need UV protection and wear sunscreen. Check tide timings. Get immediate and extended forecasts. Pack accordingly. The weather page links to useful guides on issues that holidayers may face – prickly heat and swollen legs.

Christmas – If you’re planning to spend Christmas holidays in Benidorm, then do read the wonderful guide that explains everything about activities and celebrations leading up to Christmas and into the New Year. Check out information about hotels, the special menus, great deals, and all the fun things that Spaniards do at this time of the year.

Directory – Scroll through the extensive directory of services. Organizers of Benidorm’s famed stag and hen parties; dental clinics for a bit of medical tourism; Benidorm Palace; pubs; bars; clubs; hotels; taxi services; property sales and rentals; and everything else you can think of is represented here. Message proprietors through this site to decide transactions and have queries settled.
Booking Centre – Book airport transfers, event tickets, and access to activities from the site itself. has partnered with businesses for this facility, and it offers periodic discounts to members. Theme parks, adventure activities, nights out…choose from the lot, book on time, and save.
Info – The Info section is rich with information on things to do, crime stats, best times of the year to visit, food and drink, health and safety, useful phone numbers, general information, great images and a lot of knowledge that can help you get the most of your Benidorm holiday.

Benidorm Tripadvisor – Benidorm reviews on Trip Advisor

trip advisor benidorm

For the inside dope on Benidorm from people who have actually been there, you simply cannot beat Tripadvisor. It is the leading travel forum out there, known for an active community and great reviews on everything and anything related to travel. Benidorm is one of the world’s leading travel destinations and it has been covered extensively on Tripadvisor.
With more than 42,000 topics covering everything there is to know about Benidorm, you will definitely find an answer to your question. From EU passport regulations and the locations of street markets to the best coffee houses in the area and gluten-free dining in Benidorm, you have answers to the most arcane questions related to Benidorm over here.
If you’re headed to Benidorm, your main concerns will center on the things to do in Benidorm when you intend to be there, the best hotels, the best all-inclusive deals, airport transfers, things to see and do, etc. Rest assured, you will get this information here. But the most valuable information here is easily the detailed review of each hotel, eating joint, club, and activities. You can safely take a decision based on what you read here. These reviews are unbiased and contribute to Tripadvisor’s rating system.

The hotels are categorized in terms of best value, on the beach, romantic, luxury, B&B, and vacation rentals.
The Benidorm home page on Tripadvisor should be your starting point when exploring holiday-related information about Benidorm.
The home page carries a detailed overview to whet your appetite about Benidorm. With this information on hand, you can move on to the many travel guides about Benidorm. These guides carry great tips and ideas on how to plan a Benidorm holiday, be it for three days, a week, or even a day trip to this amazing part of the Costa Blanca coastline.

A quick search will likely throw up relevant answers for your queries regarding places most amenable to your health, physical condition, likes, and dislikes.
Or, if you don’t find a suitable answer, post a question and the eager to help community will respond. That’s the best thing about Tripadvisor. It’s community driven and the community is honest with its experiences and opinions.

Round Town Travel Benidorm

From humble beginnings as a Tourist Information Centre in Benidorm to a trusted and very busy travel agency, Round Town Travel has come a long way. British owned and with vast experience in catering to British holidaymakers, Round Town Travel has been a leading travel agent in Benidorm for close to a decade.
The company has three offices – two in Benidorm and one in Albir. The Benidorm offices are open seven days a week. The staff will talk in your language – yes, a multilingual staff. These people take their work

This is another good guide to Benidorm. You can find wealth of information about places to see, reviews and also some good offers from local businesses.

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