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Benidorm Series 10 in 2018 – Coming Soon Feb 2018 – Benidorm Holidays 2018

Benidorm Series 10 in 2018 – Coming Soon Feb 2018

ITV to celebrate a Decade of its Sitcom – Benidorm

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We all love Benidorm and all inclusive holidays with plenty of sunshine. The Benidorm series shows humorous side of this.

Benidorm, the cult Spain-based sitcom on ITV, has been a benchmark in comedy for a decade. It has done more for tourism to Benidorm than what the government of Spain could’ve ever hoped for.

Benidorm fans are for a rare treat. ITV is all set to broadcast a new documentary titled Benidorm: 10 Years on Holiday. Series 10 will begin February 2018. John Challis is expected to join the established regulars on Benidorm. The documentary will be broadcast before the tenth series goes on air.

The iconic series, penned by Derren Litten, was first screened in 2007 and has since then gone on to win numerous awards. The documentary will have Litten taking viewers to all the different real-life locations where the show has been filmed and he’ll share interesting tidbits of how Benidorm has grow into its present avatar.

As can be expected, you will have interviews with cast members, past and present. And, the ever-popular segment of bloopers, a staple with such documentaries will also be there. Viewers will also be treated to special behind-the-scene footage of the current series. Expect to hear the Garvey family – Steve Pemberton, Siobhan Finneran, Sheila Reid, Ollie Stokes and Hannah Hobley – share their memories and talk about some funny and some unforgettable incidents.

In the new series, the funny twosome – Hale and Pace – will be seen in the serial as detectives. They will play the characters Dennis and Nigel, and they are tasked with keeping tabs on what Tim Healy’s character, Lesley, is doing.

If you have loved Shane Richie doing his thing as Sammy Valentino, then be glad that he’s back with his shenanigans. You will also see more of John Challis who will be a regular from now on. Does Monty (John Challis) get married to Joyce Savage (Sherrie Hewson)? What’s the story with Noreen and her twin sister Doreen (Elsie Kelly)? Tune in to find out!

Currently its planned as  Series 10 will start at 28th February 2018 , 9pm on ITV.

Source: ITV

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