The Benidorm Camera Scam

The Benidorm Camera Scam

Many of us who holiday in Benidorm regularly will know of or have heard of the Benidorm camera scam. The scam itself has been around forever but as technology changes so does the product.

Over the last 12 months the Benidorm camera scam has evolved into the phone scam, same technique but different electrical device. Those who wander down the Avenida del Mediterraneo, the main road set behind Levante beach you may of noticed the many camera shops.

Benidorm Camera Scam

The shops with the prominent Panasonic and other recognisable brands and displays on the front are the ones to avoid. With the displays are normally a few men, salesmen to help you with your purchase. You will be sucked in with deals of up to 80% off the price, which is pretty good right? So you go in to pay for you new discounted camera or phone and the “salesman” lets you take the weight of you feet and have a seat.

This is where it all starts, with an aggressive and intrusive manor they will then tell you how basically the product you have just purchased is a load of crap and you should now buy the newer model at a ridiculous price.

These “salesmen” will try and wear you down, stand over you, get very agitated that you dare walk in their shop and not buy what they want to sell you. Our advice is simply avoid these shop, we can’t post pictures due to the very strict slander laws here in Spain but you will be able to spot these shops with no problem. If you do find yourself in a situation get up and walk out, do not be afraid to shout for help if you feel you need it, the last thing they want is any attention being made at the shop. Remember we have a full list of emergency contact numbers here, keep them stored for any future use.

Benidorm Camera Scam

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