Benidorm Circus

I’m not one for going to the circus, it is just something that has never floated my boat and after all this time in Benidorm i’m glad I finally went and took my camera. First off this is a no animal circus which is very pleasing as i’m not really in to that kind of stuff but Benidorm Circus gives you a show like no other.

Located at the back of the Benidorm Palace the Circus itself is in a big top which adds to the excitement. Prices are around 15 Euros for adult and 8 Euros for the kids but some hotels and local newspapers may have discounts. Trust me, for 15 Euros you are getting a very good show!

Benidorm Circus

The show itself last for around an hour and a half with a short break in between. The first half I think was more for the kids then the second half was more for the adults, like Darren Brown meets Dynamo meets Eddie The Eagle, there was times where the crowd was gasping and we was sat at the edge of our seats. I wont give to much away as that would spoil it but all I can say is WOW!

The acts for the kids where fun, colourful and they interacted with the crowd having everyone in laughter. At the interval you could go and get a selfie with Sponge Bob Square Pants which is a pretty cool thing to have on your CV.

Normally at places like Benidorm Circus you need deep pockets when it comes to refreshments but I was surprised how reasonable they where, 3 Euros for popcorn and 2 Euros for pop which made my wallet feel a lot better. The Big Top has aircon but can get a bit humid at times with so many people in there so suggest if you have young children try and sit near an exit so you get some air coming through.

Benidorm Circus by the-benidorm-travel-guide

The show itself not only attracts families but if you here as a group and want to do something different and fun then Benidorm Circus ticks those boxes. It’s perfect for all ages and pretty inexpensive for a tourist attraction. The show itself is bi lingual so those like me who can are not clued up on the lingo are catered for. Overall a great place, entertaining and value for money!

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