Benidorm Sightseeing

Benidorm Sightseeing

When I first came to Benidorm many years ago it was a real eye opener, I admit I was one of those people who said “I would never go there”. After about 3 days here I knew in my heart I would live here and has been one of the best decisions I ever made.

What made Benidorm special for myself was when I came that first time I ended up here for a month, my hotel was in the Old Town and even after 2-3 years of long term stays I still had never been to the New Town.

Even now I still cannot get over just how big of a place Benidorm is and peel away the bars and clubs you could spend a whole holiday here Benidorm sightseeing.

Benidorm Sightseeing

One of the more popular and easier ways to go Benidorm sightseeing is via one of the many bus tours. The three main ones are the open double decker bus which takes you around the locals towns as well as Benidorm, the little train tour which is great to get to and from the theme parks and see the sights as well and my favourite the Turistic bus tour which covers Benidorm and has a nice trip down Poniente beach front as it heads to La Cala.

For those that like to get around on foot the Old Town is great for a bit of Benidorm sightseeing. With stunning landmarks like St Jamie church, Parque de l’Aiguera, Dove park and getting that complete Spanish feel as you wander around the alley ways finding little hidden tapas bars and gift shops. Not only is it great for those who like to explore but it’s free and when in Benidorm the Old Town is a must.

If you do fancy a bit of Benidorm sightseeing and are looking for something a bit more adventurous then a boat ride, submarine trip and a wander around Peacock Island is worthwhile. Now at the island there is not much to do but I do enjoy it as you get some great views over Benidorm. It is a bit hard gong as it is just a huge rock in the sea and do recommend taking a camera.

Benidorm Sightseeing

To get a feel of just how big of a place Benidorm is you can visit the cross which sits upon the mountain on the Levante side of Benidorm. For maps and directions check out our article La Cruz.

For more good views and Benidorm sightseeing you can get access to the Grand Bali hotel in La Cala which gives you awesome views over Poniente and the Hotel Madeira set in between both the Old and New Town has a stunning roof terrace giving you a 360 view of Benidorm, a camera is a must if you try this!

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