Benidorm Weather December 2018 Christmas Time

Benidorm Weather December 2018 Christmas

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If you seek a Christmas in balmy weather, under sunny skies then head to Benidorm this December.  Say no to chilly winters and yes to sunny skies. The weather in December is bracing. During the day, you can easily manage with short-sleeved clothes or maybe you’ll require some warm clothing but you won’t be smothered in them. Once the sun goes down, the mercury dips and it’s the perfect time for your favourite tipple. Daytime temperatures reach a high of 16°C. Expect six hours or more of sunshine. A winter holiday in Benidorm is incomplete without swims in the ocean. The water may be a degree of two cooler, but it will only send the blood racing invigoratingly through your body. It may rain for nine-ten days during December, not more than that. So, plan accordingly. Winter in Benidorm is not unlike spring in Britain. In Benidorm, winter holidays give you the opportunity to enjoy the town, as the hustle-bustle is less. The shops, restaurants, and hotels won’t charge the premium prices they do during peak season. Beautiful weather with blue skies is a far cry from the sleet and gray skies of England in December. All tourist attractions remain open during winter.

Weather in Benidorm – December 2018

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