Karaoke In Benidorm

You will not have to stumble far in Benidorm when looking for a bit of karaoke, Karaoke in Benidorm is for some the highlight of their holiday. Living in Benidorm you get to meet all kinds of great holidaymakers and although some are awesome on the microphone a lot are just like me, terrible. I think that this is what makes Karaoke in Benidorm so good that it is not about getting that standing ovation but about the fun and getting to meet like minded people and generally having a few drinks and letting your hair down. Although there are tons of places in Benidorm to do karaoke we have picked out a few places that you may have been to already and if you have not are worth popping down to.

Karaoke In Benidorm

Benidorm Palladium

Located just down the side of the legendary John & Joseph’s you will come across the Palladium, Karaoke is hosted throughout the day time with scheduled entertainment in the evenings. A great place to spend the afternoon with drink deals throughout the day and terrace area where you can catch the sun whilst listening to the next Paul Potts.

Piccadilly Bar

On the same road as the Sol Pelicanos hotel as you head towards the indoor market, recently refurbished and cheap as chips for drinks you can spend the day getting free shots for every ballad you pump out or take it easy on the terrace doing a bit of people watching.

Idols Bar

Sat on the side street from the Stardust you will find Idols Bar, a favourite with the locals and child friendly. With 2 for 1 drink deals and local lager for the price of a packet of biscuits all the family can have enjoy an evening here. Idols is an evening bar so if you head here in the day it will be closed but don’t let that stop you from visiting as it’s open till 5am so you will not lose any singing time.

The Black Chicken

A firm favourite in Benidorm and not only do you have the choice of drinks on the terrace listening to the harmonies whilst catching a tan but plenty of seating inside for those who like that bit of shade, no trip to Benidorm is complete without a visit to the world famous Black Chicken.

These are just a small handful of the karaoke bars in Benidorm and as you wander around the town you will always be within walking distance from doing your next X Factor rehearsal, let us know which are you favourite karaoke bars in Benidorm down below in the comments section!

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