The Red Lion Benidorm

Spain Holidays 2018, The Red Lion Benidorm

Probably one of the most well known bars in Benidorm, and controversial as well. The Red Lion Benidorm has a reputation for being a mecca for large groups and caters for both stag and hen parties and with so much alcohol being consumed there will without doubt be altercations.

Most of us have probably seen on the various Facebook groups reports of fights and over zealous doormen but this does not stop the place being packed out to the rafters every night.

The Red Lion Benidorm
For those travelling with young children this is probably a bar to avoid as it does get rowdy and with the beer flowing you will see some adult themed antics.  For those in a large group or celebrating a hen or stag party this is the ideal place. It has a huge outdoor area and the inside is also pretty big with a good sized dance floor to drop those shapes after a few beers. There is plenty of entertainment on in the evening and very adult themed. Also don’t forget to have a try on the legendary bucking bronco and test your skills!

Price wise for beers and bottles it’s about the same as the rest of the strip. There is a large screen TV on the terrace area and a great spot to watch the football. Day times it is less packed so if you do fancy a visit without all the going on’s this is probably the best time to visit.

The Red Lion Sports Bar, Benidorm by the-benidorm-travel-guide

As for the question of violence at the Red Lion Benidorm, I have yet to see any in 8 years, yes I have been there when disco dicks are throwing drinks at women and get dragged outside and told to F off and as most young men with alcohol in there system and their pride hurt decide to try it on they will get a slap for their trouble, on the other hand I have close friends here who say that they have seen doormen take things too far which I do believe, my advice is remember this is not the UK, if you are asked to tone it down it’s for a reason, enjoy yourself but don’t over do it and push these guys as they have zero tolerance.

As most know I am probably one of the few Benidorm pages that will write about crime, film it and accept that it does exist here like in every other part of the world and I know writing a review about the Red Lion will not go down with everyone. My feelings on this is that the Red Lion is not going anywhere, they have just opened a 2nd bar and will go from strength to strength, the best way to deal with any issues is to put it out there and not be blind to it.

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