The Stardust Benidorm

Benidorm Holidays, The Stardust

Why do most of us holiday in Benidorm? The sun, cheap flights, quick and easy to get to or the nightlife. The Stardust Benidorm is a great bar to visit when in Benidorm, most of us I think have already been here but if you are a first timer then the Stardust should be on that list!

Located on the Strip you won’t need a map to find this place, as the night sky approaches you will see it lit up like a Christmas tree.

The Stardust Benidorm

During the daytime the Stardust Benidorm is a perfect bar to pop in to do a bit of people watching from the large outdoor terrace. Live sports are shown on the giant outdoor television and all games are listed on the boards outside. There is plenty of space and does attract large groups and with it being on the strip you do get to see some funny sights!

As we get in to the evening the Stardust Benidorm opens it’s doors to the nightclub behind the bar area. Live tribute acts are listed on the boards and plenty of drink deals to keep you going whilst you enjoy the shows.

I must add that the Stardust Benidorm is home to some adult acts, with the Sticky Vicky themed shows nightly and other adult shows so be sure to check whats on the boards outside or you will walk into something that you cannot unsee!

The Stardust Benidorm

If you are in a stag or hen party the Stardust caters for groups as long as you are behaved i.e keep you clothes on, enjoy the drink but be responsible and most of all enjoy yourself. I have a few videos of the Stardust Benidorm but have not had chance to upload them as of yet so will get them up asap!

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