Do I Need Travel Insurance For Benidorm

Travel Insurance For Benidorm

A common question we get asked here at the Benidorm Travel Guide is do I need travel insurance for Benidorm?

Well to put it plainly this is a choice that only you can make, with the 2 main hospitals here in Benidorm now refusing to take EHIC cards, the IMED Levante and Benidorm Clinica, and when I say refuse they ask you to leave and get a taxi to the Villa Joyosa hospital which is the local Spanish NHS hospital and will cost you over 20 Euros in a taxi just to get there ( 20 Euros back as well!!! ) so is it worth spending around £6 for a week to have that piece of mind.

Travel Insurance For Benidorm

Not only for health reasons but also for you’re luggage, belongings and anything that goes wrong at the airport ( those French do like to strike ) with  travel insurance they have you covered, and not just for you’re holiday to Benidorm but worldwide.

With free child cover on  family travel insurance plans and over 100 sporting activities covered for the price of a McDonalds it is excellent value, with UK emergency help available 24/7, regulated by the FCA in the event of an emergency you can be confident that you will have someone to you’re assistance no matter what the situation is.

A travel insurance also go above and beyond if you are forced to cancel you’re holiday to Benidorm with up to £5000 cancellation cover, up to £10 million in medical cover and personal belongings cover which not many travel insurers would cover, offering tailor made plans for wedding insurance, golf insurance, business insurance they have you and you’re family covered.

When it comes to travel insurance you’re safety is paramount, if anything does go wrong you need a travel insurance plan that provides you and you’re family the cover that you expect and not have a company to try and wriggle out of things, decent travel insurance offers the the most cost effective travel insurance so you can be sure when you travel to Benidorm you can sit back and relax knowing that if or when an emergency should happen you are just a phone call away from assistance.

Travel insurance for Benidorm is now more important than ever as we look to leave the EU.

With the EU travel cards now likely to be invalid, getting travel insurance for Benidorm should be on the top of the list.

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