Terra Mitica Theme Park, Benidorm

Terra Mitica Theme Park, Benidorm

Spain has always been one of the top holiday destinations among tourists from all over the world especially the British tourists. Known for its beautiful cities, pristine beaches, and cultural heritage, Spain is an absolute treat for the tourists. One of the major attractions of Spain is Benidorm, a stunning seaside resort located on the eastern coast of Spain. Benidorm is a beautiful city on the Spain’s eastern coast known as the Costa Blanca. The place is an extremely popular choice with the British tourists. Every year close to a whopping 2 million visitors from the UK come to this place and enjoy their time with the huge range of nightlife, live acts, beaches and for a great day out the Terra Mitica theme park.

Terra Mitica Theme Park

Terra Mitica is the most adventurous and fun theme park of Benidorm. The park has been designed and structured meticulously with an interesting mix of some of the most exciting rides and magnificent shows. The Terra Mitica Park has been divided into five themed areas to create the magic and charm of old Rome, Egypt, Greece, The Islands, and Iberia.

This is the most spectacular theme park to re-create the magic of the ancient civilizations of these 5 themed zones. One of the specialties of the Terra Mitica theme parks is the availability of rides and activities catering to every age group including-

*The super adventurous, thrilling, and adrenaline-rushing rides for the adults such as Magnus Colossus and SynKope.

*Loads of family oriented rides and activities to experience the fun and togetherness such as The Rapids of Argos.

*A range of gentle rides catered to children including the mini-versions of the thrill-a-minute adult rides.

Terra Mitica shows

This is another exciting part of the park. The Terra Mitica show is the amazing re-creation of the grandness and magnificence of the five ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean in which the park is divided into. The show includes a range of activities and performances by the talented Acrobats, circus artists, athletes, and stuntmen to create a magical experience and a spectacle of action, colour, and excitement for the visitors.

Terra Mitica Theme Park

Some of the major attractions and rides of the famous 5 zones of the Terra Mitica Park include-


*SynKope, a giant discus which spins at 90 kph at an angle of 120º for an incredible experience

*Triton’s Fury- a rip-roaring river ride for a thrilling ride

*The Labyrinth of the Minotaur and Kineto’s Temple


*Nile water roller coaster for the most adventures ride ever

*Trip on Infinnito for amazing views of the park, mountains, and sea

*Battle of the Pyramid and the Pyramid of Terror for people looking for scary thrills


*The looping roller coaster Tizona

*Arietes dodgem cars and Jabato adventures for kids


*Magnus Colossus, the longest wooden roller coaster in Europe

*The Flight of the Phoenix with a 100kph burst of acceleration and a spectacular 54 m free fall.

*Inferno – Europe’s first ball coaster

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