Don’t Do These Things In Benidorm

Don’t Do These Things In Benidorm

Don’t Do These Things In Benidorm!

Benidorm for most of us is our little piece of paradise, what else do you want, sun, beaches, cheap beer, nightlife, entertainment and a good old fashioned fry up! Even though Benidorm is widely known as a British hot spot and is recommended that you don’t do these things in Benidorm, we have put a list together and would be great to know if you have done any of these things. 

Don’t do anything on Tuesday the 13th This is considered our Friday the 13th, marriages, travel by planes and anything else that could go wrong is avoided on this day, as strange as it sounds in some rural parts of Spain some locals don’t even leave the house!

Things In Benidorm
Don't do these things in Benidorm

Don’t pass the salt from one hand to another – This is what we class as walking under a ladder and is also considered bad luck, I wonder what would happen if you done this on Tuesday the 13th.

Eat your hot chocolate – Now this only works if you are served a proper Spanish hot chocolate which is very thick and is consumed with churros, drinking one of these straight from the cup is a strange thing to do in the eyes of the Spanish local.

Don’t call a local a Spaniard – With over 7 million Catalans in ‘Spain’ saying this to the wrong person might end up in a brawl, think of someone in a Chelsea shirt sat in the Arsenal end, both London but separate beliefs and trust me Catalans are proud of their roots and referring then to Spain/Spanish/Spaniard will really annoy them and is probably not on the top list of things to do in Benidorm.

Don't do these things in benidorm

Don’t hire a moped/quad without a licence – A holiday favourite for most and some tour operators are ok with a passport and a cash deposit but if you have no license or the wrong one and are stopped by the police in Benidorm it is an automatic 6 month prison sentence, and you lose your deposit.

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