Brits Love Benidorm! Sunny Benidorm is a Cool Place to Retire to

Brits Love Benidorm! Sunny Benidorm is a Cool Place to Retire to

Benidorm is Cheap and Sunny!

Each year’s winter heralds a new rush to the sunny climes of Spain. Britons pack for holidays. Benidorm is among the top tourist destinations in Spain and a favourite with tourists and holidayers from the U.K.

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And many holidaymakers, when there, think wishfully about a permanent move to Benidorm. It’s a great idea actually. The great weather in Spain is a wonderful permanent change from dreary weather on the British Isles.

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Benidorm offers you –

  • Fabulous weather with no snow and around 40 days of rainfall. Compare that with the U.K, where on an average we face 140 days of rain. The months from May to October receive maximum sunshine in Benidorm. Temperatures in January touch a high of 16 degree Celsius. If you’ve dreamed about roaming in flip-flops and sporting tan, maybe not a beach body…you can live it up in Benidorm.
  • Benidorm is a mere two and half hours by air from England. Direct flights take you there in quick time, and you can get back just as easily. Family occasions and emergencies can always be attended to.
  • A swim in the beach here is a world away from a dip in the beaches at Cornwall and Devon. The deep blue of the Mediterranean and its perfect temperature are what you want to live for. You will not step out shivering. Poniente beach is a favourite with the locals and retains those vibes that draw people to Benidorm.
  • The old part of the town is full of bars and beautiful architecture. A walk in this part of Benidorm gives you a great view of the Puig Campana Mountains.
  • You have enough and more living arrangements to choose from. You’ll find one for your budget and needs. Retirement complexes, rental apartments, villas are options. The best part of settling and retiring in Benidorm is that there is already a very well-established community there that you can be a part of.

Benidorm is not the only place where you can retire to. Spain is a vast country with splendid beaches in Lanzarote, Tenerife, and many other parts of the Canary Islands. Also on the Iberian Peninsula, you have Portugal. It is a beautiful country with some of the best beaches in Europe. Algarve is just one beautiful beachside resort there.

The Caribbean is another popular destination with English expats. Barbados, Jamaica, and other islands in the region have English as their primary language. The Caribbean seas offer rich angling opportunities, sunshine, and a culture that prizes laughter and camaraderie.

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